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A light is shining from the sky. A warm light that embraces everything it touches. A blind loving light that shines as widely as it possibly can. It’s shining through the green forests, the high barren mountains and the storming seas.
There are places that the light cannot reach. Even though it’s searching its way down through the narrow winding paths it will get lost and be defeated.
There are places where the darkness is overwhelming and the coldness unbearable. Where the ground is hard, the air polluted and the sea is dead.
In such a place, a boy was born from a machine.
He was holding his weak arms up in the cold air asking one thing only.
For someone to love him. But no one would answer.
His little heart was beating as well as it could. He was like a small flower. A small flower that had been growing too slowly, too finally freeze when the winter came. His petals where struggling under the frost but they knew that he’d never bloom. He would remain a deformed Rosebud.
A soulless being was watching him from a distance, afraid to get any closer.
We must kill him.”, The being said.
“No.”, answered another soulless being, “We must keep him alive. He is the first one to survive. None of the others ever made it to this stage.”
“Yes, we know. But we have to kill him. Just… Just look at him. He’ll never survive anyway.”, the soulless being shivered slightly as it watched the little boy twist his ugly malformed body in pain.
“Yes, he will probably die. But if we kill him we won’t know what we did wrong. If we wait, we’ll know what to change next time.”
“He looks horrible. Something must be wrong inside him too.”
“We don’t know that yet. Perhaps it’s only on the outside.”
The other soulless being didn’t answer.
“We’ve been trying for ages, and finally we’ve manage to create him, from nothing. No parents, no cloning, no bad DNA.”
“But he is a monster.”
“Yes. Yes, he is a monster. But he is here. We must learn what we can from him, while we can.”
The boy was looking up, into the darkness. He didn’t understand what they were saying; perhaps he couldn’t even hear them. But somehow he still understood. He knew then that no one was coming. Nobody that would take care of him, hold him and love him. He was just there.
The soulless beings left the room, and left the boy alone, still looking up into the darkness as the machines surrounding his frail body were peeping occasionally.
But they were wrong. They were so very wrong, they’d been wrong all the way from the start.
At the place where the light didn’t shine, something had been created.
But no monster had been created by a human that night.
A human being had been created by a monster.